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Meet Ultravision International, a world leading innovator of LED Display & Lighting Products Proudly Assembled in the USA

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Matthew Foster

Chief Technology Officer, Ultravision International

Matthew Foster

Matt Foster is the Chief Technology Officer for Ultravision International. Since his graduation from Texas A&M in 2011 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Foster has immersed himself in all aspects of problem solving and design engineering in developing and manufacturing complex systems and projects.  

Matt began his career as a design engineer for Baker Hughes, performing complex mechanical and electrical design for surface data acquisition systems. He developed technical documentation system to perfectly illustrate both testing and assembly processes for his designs. His ability to clearly document the project life cycle and complex mechanical and electrical systems simplified processes and saved time and money. 

Matt joined Ultravision International in 2014 as an Electrical Engineer, bringing with him his eye for organization and keen ability to make complex processes understandable with his documentation. As engineer, Matt was involved in all technical and engineering aspects of Ultravision’s growing Outdoor LED Lighting and Modular LED Digital Display Panel technology. 

His responsibilities included everything from system architecture component selection and design to direct technical support for domestic and international customers and the sales team and everything in between.

Not surprisingly, Matt was promoted to Vice President of Engineering after just over a year. As VP he oversaw all engineering operations within the organization and represented Ultravision as an expert on technology matters. His expertise in designing and supporting Outdoor LED Lighting, LED Digital Display Panels, and software for LED Displays has been instrumental in Ultravision’s growth as a world leader in the industry.

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