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4 Benefits to Having LED Video Screens in Healthcare

At Ultravision International, we strive to help a wide variety of industries enhance their overall work experience by growing their brand awareness and communication with our LED video screens. Whether you are utilizing our digital displays for advertising or announcements, we will help create a custom LED solution that works best for your business. Below we have four benefits to owning video screens within the healthcare industry.

  1. Since many hospitals feature various waiting times, we suggest placing our interactive displays within your waiting rooms to help alleviate stress and the unknown for your patients.
  2. Hospitals feature many different floors and rooms, making it difficult for visitors and patients to find their destination. Whether you are a visitor searching for a loved one or a patient looking to make your appointment on time, an interactive kiosk on every floor of the hospital will allow you to navigate easily through the hospital.
  3. Digital signage throughout your healthcare facility can help promote other services and products within the hospital. Our digital displays are great for communicating the daily cafeteria menu and gift shop promotions.
  4. Increase the overall safety of your hospital with our LED video screens. Informing your patients and staff of emergencies or critical healthcare messages is easy with our innovative technology.

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