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Ultravision Demonstrates Patented Technology for the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Texas is known for many firsts:  creation of the integrated circuit/microchip, the handheld calculator, ATMs, and even the frozen margarita machine. And all of these inventions are patented technologies.  Now, Ultravision International can be added to the “firsts” list with our patented Ultra Billboard Lights and UltraPanel LED Digital Displays.

Since 2014, Ultravision has been awarded more than 38 patents in Full Light and Full Display categories. Our game-changing innovations in LED digital displays and lights have modernized the industry. Twenty United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent Examiners – with specialties across optic technology and light design – visited the Ultravision International office on June 7 to conduct an on-site learning and training session for its Site Experience Education (SEE) Program.

“It’s more than examining a patent on paper – the real-world application here is striking, and what we saw was impressive” said a Patent Examiner for the USPTO. “This was a great site visit, and our team of examiners learned a lot from Ultravision’s line of patented, LED technology.”Ultravision Presentation

The SEE program is designed to put engineering experts with Patent Examiners right where innovation is happening. It provides Examiners an opportunity to visit real-world sites, learn about new and evolving technologies, and experience how new technologies are engineered and developed for business. Plus, it allows host companies to communicate directly with Examiners and gain a greater understanding of the importance of the patent system and how it works.Ultravision Presentation

It was our pleasure to welcome the Patent Examiners to our headquarters in Dallas. Ultravision would not be in an industry-leading position today without the patents protecting our innovations and our products. It’s what makes us a disruptor in the industry.

The product designs for UltraPanel LED Digital Displays and Ultra Billboard Lights have cut the cost of installation, operation and maintenance by one-third compared to what our competitors are offering. In addition, the product designs use one-third less energy and weigh one-third less than other products on the market. And best of all, our products are made in the USA – in our Texas backyard – to be precise.Ultravision Presentation


We invite you to learn more about our patents and how Ultravision can revolutionize your next LED display.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.