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What to Look for When Comparing Digital Billboards

So many choices. There are , all with their reasons as to why their billboards are the best.

But it doesn’t matter what they think. It matters what billboard is right for your company, your project, and your budget.

There are some companies you’ll be able to dismiss immediately. They don’t serve your area. The salesperson is annoying. They don’t offer the right size for your needs. The panels available aren’t weatherproof and you’re looking for billboards to display on the sides of buildings or roads. But once you’re down to your two or three favorites, how do you choose?

These are the points you should consider when comparing your top picks.

Ease of Installation

You may think a display is less expensive – until the installer comes and charges you large fees for their labor. The heavy weight of some displays, combined with the need for extensive electrical work, inflates the installation costs until a more expensive (but easier to install) display becomes much more appealing.

Less Maintenance

These same reasons result in higher maintenance costs for those displays. simply needs to have the malfunctioning panel swapped out, which can be done while your sign operates (called hot-swappable). Otherwise, your sign will be down as you wait for the work to be completed.


You may have a very specific configuration in mind. If the panels cannot be installed in that configuration, well, your decision just became a little bit easier.


When you view the billboards, does the color seem true? Or does it look a little yellowish? That yellowish glow is produced by a bulb that has a high score on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), but a low color temp. Having a high color temp is more important than a high CRI for


You might be tempted to go with a higher resolution screen. After all, high resolution is good, right? It is if you’re buying the big screen TV for your man cave. For a digital billboard that is going to be viewed from a good distance away, however, a high resolution will result in content that is blurry from longer viewing distances. Allowing you to purchase a lower resolution screen.


In addition to the resolution, check for other features that promote good visibility. Is the glass anti-glare? What is the ? The display needs to be seen in broad daylight as well as nighttime.

Expected Lifetime

LEDs have an expected lifetime of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Some billboard panels are able to squeeze out a slightly longer lifespan. Others barely make the 50,000 mark. So check with current and previous users to see what they have experienced with their own displays.

Protection Classification

Be sure your display is indeed weatherproof by checking the Ingress Protection classification. This is a two-digit number that is preceded by IP, such as IP65. The first digit refers to protection for persons and protection for equipment. The second digit is protection against water. Generally, the higher both digits are, the better.

Viewing and Readability Angles

The viewing angle refers to the optimum area for viewing the billboard. The readability angle is the angle at which the content can be seen or read. The readability angle is larger than the viewing angle, but generally you want a large area. You also need to check that the viewing angle is optimal for where your digital billboard will be displayed.

Make an Informed Decision

As tempting as it may be to choose your next digital billboard based on price or the rapport you have with the company, cost savings and a great relationship only go so far. Do your homework on the displays you’re considering so you end up with a wise investment that benefits your business for years to come.

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